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Brendan Fairclough – Where is downhill going?

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February 27, 2014


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Brendan Fairclough – Where is downhill going?

Interview with Brendan Fairclough. He shares his thoughts about downhill today: ” Downhill tracks are going down…more bike parks tracks are going in.. I remember back in a day when me and Sam Hill were riding Maribor, Schladming…we want more suspension … now we are putting xc tires on with 29″…

Jep, MTB is evolving fast and hitting hard.

Video is only available on Vimeo – so click on “Watch on Vimeo” link below.

Where is downhill going? Interview with Brendan Fairclough from TriRide on Vimeo.

For all Facebook users, there is a sweet debate going on – LINK HERE

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