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Night-snow photo session on Velika Planina

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January 28, 2013


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Night-snow photo session on Velika Planina

The phone rings on early Saturday evening.
Humar on the other side: “Hey man, got time for night photo session?”
Me: “Sorry, not today. We can do it one evening during the week. ”
Humar: “Tuesday, Wednesday?”
Me: “We’ll be in touch.”

Saturday was, according to the weather forecast, the last idyllic cold and snowy day in the valley. That day, the session could be carried out anywhere in our area. But for next few days, weather forecast was rain.

So phone rang again on Wednesday afternoon. In the valley, the snow disappeared and we were not quite sure how high we will need to go, for conditions we needed.
So throw the dice: “Let’s go to Velika Planina!”

First from Kamnik to Domzale to pick up Klemen, Huth and Perse, after that back to the north, into the mountains. Higher we got, more we were convinced that this will not be just a 2 hour trip in a crowded Kangoo.

When we turned at “Kranski Rak” on snowy road to Velika Planina, we all get confident smile – that’s it. Some centimeters of fresh powder and cold weather is what we need. The next thing was the right location.

watermarked-DSC_0014Unpacking on the last parking lot. In this moment, I noticed that the volume of photographic equipment was actually larger than the volume of one bicycle with equipment!
Since parking lot was still covered with fresh powder, we decided to start right here.

watermarked-DSC_0041 1kW portable generator, lamps and 2 flash units were ready.

mtb snow bike nightSo Huth and Perse run toward Humar’s lenses for the first time.

watermarked-DSC_0049A few photons came from “other” sources.

mtb snow bike nightDespite a few seconds of shutter speed, with help of strong flashes, fairly clear picture of rider appears on my pictures.

watermarked-DSC_0066Moving to another location.


2 more examples of how, despite the long shutter speed with strong flashes you can catch rider in motion.

mtb snow bike night


After 3 hours, we were shivering with cold, so we hit the road to the valley.
Well this is our part of the story. Now, the reason why we went to the Velika planina.

Images out of Klemen Humar lenses:




Link to Klemen Humar’s photos:

Vote for his pictures:

Pinkbike: LINK HERE

It was a great learning experience for all of us!

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